Trial Pack (Twist) | Apple, Carrot, Aloevera & Amla ( Pack of 4 ) – Repepp

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The twist is for people who are looking to stay forever young!

This amazing raw cold-pressed juice makes sure you never need any anti ageing cream! With anti-ageing foods ingredients like Apple, Carrots, Aloe Vera and Amla, this juice packs the power to flush out toxins from your body, give you healthy hair and healthy eyes!

Go ahead, Try it and #GetRePepp’ed!

Why Get Twist?

This juice has immense benefits including ...

    • Gets Rid of Hamfull Toxins

    • Good for Hair

    • Helps to Get Better Eyesight

    • Has Anti-Ageing Properties

When to Drink?

Morning and Afternoon.

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