About Us

Making of Repepp

A journey to find the best juice for mankind!

We’ve built this company out of our passion for a healthy lifestyle. The founders were fed up of all the unhealthy drink options available in the market. Even the so-called ‘healthy juices’ are filled with processed sugars!

  • One of the founders wanted to make sure the nutrients and health part of the juices was not compromised …
  • While other wanted to make sure the taste is impeccable!
  • And after two & a half years of research, development, hours and hours of meetings with nutritionists, tasting sessions with kids, young and old people alike …
  • We found our blends …

RePepp Means Re-Energize!

These Juices Bring The 'PEP' Back In You!

Our raw cold-pressed juice blends are nothing short of an elixir of life! They are magical alchemy of ingredients all in their natural glory requiring no preservatives and sugars to make them taste good. Their heavenly taste comes from nature itself! But to be honest, that was just a half-battle won!

Next came packaging and in front were three options. Cartons that claim to be ‘sustainable’, Cheap plastic bottles made out of petroleum products that kill the nutrients, and the last Glass bottles that are truly recyclable & sustainable. We decided to go with Glass … ‘coz everyone knows … Glass Is Class! And we believe in making the world a better place so that the next generation may see the world as we know it. Moreover, glass is proven to keep the nutrients intact and unlike plastic, it does not add any toxins to it. So, we choose to bottle in glass for purity, people, and the planet.