Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day!

Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day!

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, and it has since grown into a worldwide observance over the past 52 years. Earth Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate our planet and renew our commitment to creating a healthier and cleaner world, but we don't have to limit our commitment to one day out of the 365! Good environmental citizenship can easily become an all-year practice of eco-friendly living.

What at Repepp celebrate Earth day, Everyday by using the following:

  1. All of our juices are sourced from local fruits and vegetables grown by Indian farmers. None of our juices has any concentrate, which makes them an ideal choice for several people looking for organic options. Since we don’t use any concentration procedures, the juices can retain their original nutritional value.
  2. We’re budget-friendly and don’t charge extra for our juice.
  3. We use glass bottles for juice which are reusable and better for the environment.
  4. Repepp used paper bags for product delivery. Paper Bags additionally offers numerous Eco-accommodating advantages to the individuals who use them. They can be dealt with and consistently reused. They are both recyclable and reusable.
  5. We are on a mission to keep the earth clean. So are partnering with Give India Foundation to plant a tree on behalf of you on every purchase. we are showing our commitment to our environment, hence we as a company decide to spend 3% of our revenue simply donating to an environmental cause.

What we together can do:

  • Make every day Earth Day by choosing to eat a plant-based diet. You have the power to help conserve land and resources, clean up the planet, end world hunger, and spare animals from agonizing slaughter… with every bite you take!
  • We should use paper bags instead of plastic bags because plastic bags are made from toxic waste producing fossils, which then go through several secret processes to attain their final hazardous avatar.
  • Or We should carry bags with us while going shopping.
  • Let’s celebrate #Earthdayeveryday 
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