Ayurvedic Herbal Tea For PCOD/PCOS

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea For PCOD/PCOS


PCOD/PCOS a hormonal disorder leading to irregular periods with other visible symptoms such as ache, hair thinning, irritability, loss of appetite, and facial hair growth. Today, according to reported statics, 1 in every 5 woman has PCOS/PCOD or mind symptoms associated with it.

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD/PCOS:

There are so many ways herbal teas can improve your overall health physically and mentally. A thoughtful blend of Ayurvedic herbs in Reactive Organics’ In The Flow herbal tea, such as Chamomile, Nettle, Moringa, Amla, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Punarnava, Manjishtha help reduce and relieve the daily ongoing issues associated with PCOS. 

A menstruation support blend featuring 100% Ayurvedic ingredients helps to get back into the flow during the monthly flow. The right blend of Ayurvedic herbs helps to get relief from the problems like lack of sleep, pains, headaches, low energy levels, cramping and bloating, hirsutism, and stress and anxiety are just some of the common problems that occur regularly when suffering from PCOD/PCOS. 

Chamomile - is a herb which is known to cause a calming effect and reduces stress and anxiety.

Stinging Nettle - used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb, it can help with hair growth, has the ability to balance androgen and estrogen levels. It is loaded with vitamins C, B and K as well as minerals like choline, calcium and magnesium. It offers immune support, hormone balance, hair regrowth, lactation benefits and an energy boost. It also aids detoxification, by stimulating metabolism.

Moringa - can help control blood sugar levels by lowering the blood insulin levels. It also aids weight loss and is a natural detoxifier. A rich source of B vitamins and Zinc - it enables hair growth. Also, known to decrease the degree of insulin in diabetes mellitus, therefore it could decrease insulin levels and increase folliculogenesis in PCOS.

Amla - a great source of Vitamin C boosting the immune system. It helps in controlling sugar levels and also flushes out toxins.

Shatavari - is an Ayurvedic herb known to treat various reproductive issues. It prevents the formation of new cysts and maintains ovarian health. It balances the menstrual cycle by regularising the cycle and blood flow.

Shankhapushpi - has numerous therapeutic benefits. It takes care of the nerves by supporting and promoting healthy brain and mind. It is known for improving memory and concentration and reducing signs of depression and forgetfulness. It rejuvenates the nervous system and relives stress.

Punarnava - It enables production of reproductive hormones and corrects hormonal issues. It is known to improve blood circulation, improve insulin resistance and provide aid for symptoms of PCOS.

Manjistha - It is known for it’s blood purifying properties. It regularizes hormone imbalance, which leads to excessive bleeding and painful periods.

 Key Benefits:


✅ Regular Period Flow
✅ Regulating estrogen naturally
✅ Helps in weight management
✅ Helps reduce acne
✅ Helps prevent muscle cramps



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